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About Us

As a young man, I had my first vinyl wrap experience when I wrapped an old drum set and gave it an all new look. From there I moved to "boom boxes" and everything else I could stick vinyl to. Little did I know this was the early beginnings of my future.

Many years have passed since that time but I have never lost the desire to decorate or change the look of things through the use of vinyl. Current technology allows us to wrap so many things that it's almost impossible to narrow it down to just a few specialties. Today, we are excited to apply complete wraps, partial wraps, simple graphics to vehicles or buildings, make small signs, create attractive banners, or decorate your space with an amazing wall mural.

How much does it cost?

The cost for any of our services depends on a variety of factors.

For vehicles, it depends on the size, make and model of the vehicle. More complex vehicles require more time and attention to achieve the amazing results you deserve. Each vehicle must be looked over by our shop before determining how much your wrap would cost. As a general rule however, a wrap with a premier vinyl would cost around $11 per square foot of material used for your project. Other brands of vinyl can be used that would lower the cost a little and help offset the initial investment.

For wall murals, the condition of your desired project is a huge factor. Damaged walls need to be repaired and paint needs to be fully cured before murals can be properly applied. Additionally, we need to match the perfect material for your wall. Some vinyl works better than others on different paints. We will need to do a wall test at your location to determine the ideal vinyl for your project. Most wall and floor graphics can be installed for $5 per square foot plus tax.

Banners are pretty straight forward with limited variables such as number of grommets and seams. Basically, a banner can be nailed down to about $3 per square foot plus $2 per grommet. So, if your needing a 36" x 72" banner with only corner grommets, you could expect to spend about $62 plus tax.

Signs are also fairly straight forward with a few exceptions; the backing material (substrate), if you want an indoor sign or outdoor sign, or if it will be applied to a window or not. A sign mounted on 3mm thick aluminum composite panel would run $6 per square foot. Thicker material will be slightly more expensive and corrugated plastic would cost less.

How long does it take?

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Full vehicle wraps take the longest. For a color change from a light colored paint to a light colored vinyl, like white car to pink vinyl, it may only take two or three days. However dramatic changes, say from white to black or visa versa, can take quite a bit more time. With such major color changes, the door jams need to have vinyl applied so the paint color can't be seen when the doors are closed. So, four door cars will take longer than two door cars. Jeeps with exterior door hinges take longer due to their complexity. Also, trunks and hoods need additional vinyl around their edges to hide the original color. Door handles will also need to be covered in many cases. Suffice it to say that the more complicated the job, the longer it takes and the cost will follow of course.

Fleet graphics and partial wraps typical take less time than the full wraps. Since the base color of the vehicle is often black or white, the graphics can be designed to complement it. Door jambs and door handles can be left with their original color. This allows the installation to focus on presenting the message you wish to convey more than covering up parts of the vehicle you didn't even realize would show. These installations can sometimes be completed in less than a day depending on their size.

Banners and signs can usually be completed within a day. Of course, that doesn't mean we can complete it the same day you order it. Our schedule may have us getting to your order the next day or two. We will do our best to get your project completed as timely as possible because we know you are ready to get your message out to the world!